Fandom Meme: Naruto
Seven Colors - Yellow: Naruto Uzumaki [2/7]


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Concept Art → Peter Pan 

"Think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings."


Concept Art Peter Pan

"Think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings."

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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Elie Saab F/W 2012-13 Haute Couture [1/2]


Pros of dating me

  • i’m rly soft and squishy
  • i’ll make you hot beverages in bed
  • i’m good at compliments
  • you’ll gain lots of dorky pet names

Cons of dating me

  • ummm??
  • zero i am a goddess


Favorite Skins Scenes  29/infinite 

"Fuck the future."
Why I Cry / Ninja Sex Party


why i cry // ninja sex party

now it’s almost dawn
i can communicate with newborn fawns
now they’ll preform an ancient forest dance that will melt off your pants
take my junk by the hand, this is romance

GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite female characters [1/10] » Hermione Granger

"We do! We protest! And I’m hunted quite as much as any goblin or elf, Griphook! I’m a Mudblood!… Mudblood, and proud of it! I’ve got no higher position under this new order than you have, Griphook! It was me they chose to torture, back at the Malfoys’!"

hetalia is back from the dead

*stares wistfully at sevgi blog* I will probably never log back onto you