Team Nice Dynamite + (imaginary) marriage

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Teen Wolf » More Bad Than Good + Red & Green (3x14)


theme #1 - "reduce, reuse, and redux" - a redux edit by zwinglys

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  • 400px/500px posts
  • drop down navigation with up to 6 custom links
  • choice of left or right sidebar with positioning
  • custom favicon
  • pre-installed back-to-top
  • sidebar image with positioning
  • choice of repeating background or full background
  • optional custom scrollbar
  • optional custom selection
  • optional custom tooltip
  • optional image fade
  • choose to show permalink footer or not
  • choose to show tags or not
  • choose to show captions or not
  • customizable colors (links, backgrounds, borders, text, titles, etc.)
  • choice of sidebar background, sidebar border, sidebar rounded corners
  • choice of post background color, post border, post rounded corners
  • choice of footer background color, footer border, footer rounded corners


  • you may edit the css/html as you wish
  • do not use as base code
  • do not claim code as your own
  • and especially DO NOT remove credit!!!

please like/reblog if using/planning to use! please message me if there are any concerns or questions! thank you and have a great day! vuv

sidebar pixels credit { x } { x } favicon and back to top credit { x } repeating background credit { x }

first theme! it took me a while to do but in the end it paid off ;v; it was a lot of fun though, so i may be making a lot more themes and pages in the future!

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emma nelson meme: [2/2] relationships: emma+sean

Nothing could replace the real thing.

Too many words is all I have for you, but someday all you’ll get is one simple word from me.

Jenn Satsune 

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RT Meme | Favourite RWBY song

I Burn

"You’re just a little fish. You gonna cry, little fish?"

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fuck yeah! fashion! | naeem khan bridal 2015


Smitten by Michael Faudet


Smitten by Michael Faudet